The Streets
Routine Check
[Teddy Mitchell]
Spoken: The good thing with the law these days, right, is that
Criminals know their rights better than their wrongs

[Hook: Teddy Mitchell]
What do you mean routine check?
I didn't take this route to be checked
Sounds like you routinely check
Any youths in jeans and creps
What do you mean routine check?
I didn't take this route to be checked
Sounds like you routinely check
Any youths in jeans and creps

[Verse 1: Teddy Mitchell]
Ten to nine, Teddy tends to not have time, that's when
Teddy wants to decline to entertain all your p*sstaking jibes
I tell you my name I'm identified by and when the station
Verifies, you'll realise what I tell you is right
Your hand dips inside my black Stan Smiths, rustles my
CK boxers, f**k's sake nearly grabbed man's d**k, c**t-stable
Sorry, I didn't mean c**t-stable, but that name feels so comfortable and I find it so fun to talk cause c**t-stable ain't done nothing at all
I don't fit the description of the kid who kicked all them doors off
Their hinges, listen mate I just spitted that anilic, you and
Your sidekicks getting kicks off my side's embarra**ment
But you'll see me end up in the van again and you'll hear the cell door slam again


[Verse 2: Tony Mitchell] (Police officer)
What's the problem officer? (Just a routine check mate that's why we stopping you) This is the
Third time now, must be popular, never knew I had fans, oh here's my autograph, as you can
See it's all steady yeah I bought my car, licence insurance it's all proper (Listen
I make that decision you just keep it on guard Mr. Tony Mitchell from Manor Park with
Your saggy jeans looking like you so hard wearing jackets twice your size like you're carrying arms You've got to
Stand here) What? You're having a laugh, if this is what I'm being held for, kiss my a**
I showed you all my papers now what more do you need? (Now come on son where you hiding all the weed?
Is it in the glove compartment or under the seat? Behind the sun visor smart very neat now
Listen son you might as well tell me what you got) What you on about? Obviously your plan's flopped
Trying to put me wrist in cuffs I think not I know I ain't got no skunk so just p*ss off
I'm Marvin I need to go to the chip shop, pardon me, Sgt. Martin, I've got to nip off
I wish I could stay but I can't be stopped maybe next time, we could all kick off


[Verse 3: Kano]
Aw, man
What the f**k do you want from me? I just want to be left alone so don't even bother me
Interrupt me and accuse me wrongfully I ain't got the time this is long for me
Spoken: [Blah blah blah, Kane
Robinson, twenty first of the fifth eighty five, Forest Gate
Hospital] You know the kid's with a piston out of breath cause you
Lost them all, you won't find a box of merck so spare me the time of the stop and search
Two black boys and they got a Merc, if it was stolen why would we stop the Merc?
You pulled us to try and find problems, like Jay-Z and 99 Problems
I'm a bad boy anyway always got protection, 99 Condoms
Yeah officer, course I'm a thief, dealing little drugs and my boot smell of weed
Run around the block saying "f**k the police", I learnt that from a D-Block CD
So f**k your routine, mind your own business, never mind me

[Verse 4: The Streets]
Oi oi I don't get many routine checks these bros are not the
Same, apart from the day off that train from that Tottenham game, I do tend to end days in the police station
On occasion lately, once a week, maybe
I get a crime reference number for my most recent phone
The police code that's the code for a free phone
Take one camera phone, tell them I got jacked of the phone
When in fact actually though, the previous evening back at home
I played Babyfoot, no-one jacked my phone
I madly gambled my phone and got smacked by my bro
Vacate the station with a pace back up the road
And hope next Saturday I won't lose my brand spanking phone

[Hook x2]

F**k it! It's strange that man should take up crime when there's so many legal ways to be dishonest