The Streets
Don’t Hide Away
Don't hide away, don't you hide away son

[Verse 1: Wiley]
If I ever hide away, it's not cos I'm scared it's cos I've got too much money
Everybody swears to God they're gonna stay on their strip, I stayed on mine you ain't above me
The last ten years were cold and not lovely
Life was ugly
Hard like rugby
Even if I had a big house in the country
I wouldn't stay caged up like a monkey
I'm newer than funky
Quicker than the rift of youts that wanna jump me
Must have thought I stayed in, when you see me on the high street and your throat gets lumpy
And I ain't getting jumpy
I just wanna p*ss of the ones who are grumpy
I got addictive genes like a junkie
I know you wanna say why do you hide away but I'm here, what, who's gonna touch me?

[Verse 2: Rinse]
Look, what a waste of time
Sitting at home trying to make up rhymes
Doing grime ain't gonna pay the grind
Cos the fans I got they don't make a dime
I ain't gonna give up my life for this
Even though my 9 to 5's a b*t*h
All I really want is a line to sniff
But the money I make can't even buy a spliff
I'm like, f**k that I'm tired of it
Tired of being a drunk and disguising it
I can't wait for the time I'm rich
I'm tired of trying to get wasted on Heineken
Yeah I got into a fight again
Hiding away? Nah I'm on a hype again
Painkillers, I'm gonna need 5 of them
Cos there was only one of me there was 9 of them
If I ain't getting any pies at them
I'll slice something in my face to put fright in them
A blade and a handful of Vicodin
Cos I ain't going home without my bike again
I really feel bad for the 5 of them
But I've had six bikes and they're riding them
Ain't like they're frightening
I just hit on the head and OD'd, I'm alive again
So f**k your boys to back you up
Cos I'm drunk and I'm liable to smack you up
Run moves and then rat you up
I'll make loot while your on the inside getting batteried up
For someone that's always been acting up
You look like a chump with your hands in cuffs
So tell your boys to go suck your mums or catch me when I'm sober you f**king c**ts
Don't hide away, don't you hide away son
Don't hide away, don't you hide away son

[Verse 3: Ice Kid]
Nobody's hiding here
Hopefully my time is near
Look into my eyes, I'm a victim of life, every night I look into the sky like why am I here?
You couldn't stand in my old kicks
I ain't gonna back down from the showbiz
Bag full of the [?] thing
(Hold it)
Look I master your plan
Half of your gangs full of rats and roaches
So cold that it snows here for the whole year
[?] for the ocean when I go clear
Hear me out
I was blinded but I see clearly now
Half of the grime scene fear me really
This Ice Kid you could feel weary round

[Verse 4: Mike Skinner]
Hmmm, is there something after death?
Or when death comes is there nothing after the comfortable last breath?
Lend me a pad, I'll sell you a plan
My hideaway is a ride away on the end of the line on the train
Old people and trees rather than gold teeth and cold thieves
Oh it's a f**king shame
Still roll the f**king rang
Sold to the smock in the cane
Then sold to the f**ker on drugs with the sold sign on his brain
Still stroll on a cut and run
Bowl in the cold on the strut of done told ya
Too many rappers in the buzz of your ears
Acting up like you acting on fears
Practically gun sh*t after every last tear
Listen to soul in the cold
House with my spouse
Get mashed to mad bashy
Splash a bit about
Cos the fragrance is important
I say this to be sporting
But i think it like I drink it
It's like walking what you're talking