The Streets
Minding My Own
[Chorus: Wretch 32]
I'm just minding my own, as you do
I'm just minding my own as you do
I got a mind of my own, so I'm just minding my own
J-j-j-just minding my own as you do

[Verse 1: Wretch 32]
Look I got a peace of mind
Cos I know I can walk on the streets at night
Now I had a dark past, but now I got a bright future, some don't want me to see the light
It seems alike, why? Cos they got their mind on mine
Now I don't mind, but my clocks ticking, I got my mind on time
I'm not spitting for the lime or light
I'm spitting cos I decide to write the rhymes I write
I ride the track
I'm underground, mind the gap
I'm a gold mine, and I'm so grime
But you, you got bars and flow, minus fans, minus drag
Look I don't mind you fam, fly your flag
They say two minds are better than one
But who minds I'm better than one


[Verse 2: Mike Skinner]
From starry eyes to far up starry skies
Satellites high above make day and night quite alike
For the eagle eyed there's many legal highs
Since the old legal guys made the old highs illegal
Straight as the seagull flies
Paint your pallet blue and grey
But rain has the habit of doing away with any delay
In the stars we lie, twinkling eyes, link the scene with smiles


[Verse 3: Mike Skinner]
Now I understand what you try to say to me
Take my shaking hand and try and take the lead
I'm in a million places scattered all around my brain
A thousand little sensations all saying the same
I see voices in my head, it's what Aristotle said
Or maybe it was Plato, it don't matter they're all dead
To the grey matter in my head