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New Direction

"Feels Like Church"

[Verse 1: New Direction + (Kirk Franklin)]
You with a friend, someone you know, cry through the night
(Cry through the night)
Someone is lost, stuck in the dirt, buried alive
(Buried alive)
Or maybe someone who wrapped in a dream is livin' a lie
This is for them, immigrant, alien, native, or not
(Come on)
Remember the pain, all of the sorrow, all of the fights (Yes, sir)
Too many times, too many trials
Too many days, too many nights
The person who's workin', workin' their hardest
On their last dime and feelin' impartial (Let's go)
Nothing can stop you (Nothing can stop you)
The weapon against you, it will not prosper (It won't prosper)
If you're lookin' for healing, you can find healing (Healing)
Down at the chapel, down at the chapel

[Chorus: New Direction + (Kirk Franklin)]
This ain't no accident (Haha, yes)
No coincidence (Hallelujah)
This feels like victory (Feels like victory)
This feels like Church to me (Woo!)
This ain't no accident (Listen)
No coincidence (C'mon, c'mon)
This feels like victory (It feels like victory)
This feels like Church to me (Don't it feel like Church, now?)

[Post-Chorus: New Direction + (Kirk Franklin)]
Everything is different now (I can see clearly now)
A lot of people gone, lost (Everybody's lost)
I get from time to time, a message from the fog (You're not alone)
That says you're not alone

[Verse 2: New Direction + (Kirk Franklin)]
Lord have mercy, Lord have mercy
You fill my cup when I am thirsty (Lord have mercy)
Whenever I'm burdened, whenever I'm burdened
Presence working, presence working
You are worthy (You are worthy)
You never leave me alone (Yes)
You turn my house into a home (C'mon!)
There's only one place left to go

[Chorus: Tiff Joy + (New Direction)]
(This ain't no accident)
And it ain't no (Coincidence)
'Till you feel like (Victory)
And it feel like (Church to me)
Take it up a little higher
'Till it ain't no (Coincidence)
So much joy if you know it (Victory)
Hey, and it feel like (Church to me)
(This ain't no accident)
And he really finds me (No coincidence)
Guess it really feel like (This feels like victory)
Do you feel like (This feels like Church to me)

[Outro: Tiff Joy + (New Direction)]
See, it ain't no (Accident)
Should really know it (Coincidence)
And you feel like (This feels like victory)
And it, yeah (Church to me)
Yes it is

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