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Blind Pilot

"Things I Cannot Recall"

In your old room
Where we caught you
Stepping through some old song
You said came from
Where your going
A lady read it in you palm
Down at the 12th Avenue market
Now promise you will not forget
You are going
'Til it's gone

Screen went blue
Before I touched you
And my ride went home
All the photos came out lonely
But we're not alone
Talking of everything we could not hold
I was stupid of thinking of east coast already
Now it's gone

There are things I cannot forget
I wish none had happened yet
There are some things I cannot forget

We were stronger than the preachers
We were wiser than the law
We took off sleeping by the river
And the beaches in your car
Up where you taught me how to drive a stick
And told me your family secret
You were scared
I was caught

Why'd you stay behind
Packing for the trip?
Why'd you ask me to be the one
First through your lips?
I was awkward and I could not hear
Your body through my body's fear
We were going to hell

There are things I cannot recall
There are some things that would risk it all
Now these are the things we cannot recall on
These are the things I cannot recall

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