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"Kellyanne Conway - SNL"

[BECK BENNETT AS JAKE TAPPER] Welcome back to The Lead. We are speaking with Kellyanne Conway, Donald Trump's campaign manager turned White House counselor

[KATE McKINNON as KELLYANNE CONWAY] Mm-kay, thank you, Jake

[TAPPER] President Trump said his first foreign trip may be to meet with Vladimir Putin. Isn't that troubling?

[McKINNON] Actually, no, it's not. And the thing to remember about Russia is that we won and I don't know why you keep bringing up the election

[TAPPER] I'm not. I'm talking about Russia. Doesn't Trump's relationship with Putin concern you?

[CONWAY] Actually, no. What does concern me is that she didn't go to Michigan. She lost and we won. And we did win

[TAPPER] Oh my god, why do you do this?

[CONWAY] Do what, Jake?

[TAPPER] Come on here every single day and do this. What do you get out of this?

[CONWAY] I love Trump. And I believe in Trump. And the reason I joined his campaign is because I thought he's going to be the president for all people

[TAPPER] Really? That's really what you thought?

[CONWAY] Mm-hmm, yes, that's what I thought

[TAPPER] And that's all you thought?
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