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Isaac Hayes

"Medley: Ike's Rap II / Help Me Love"

Love, love, I know you can hear me
See we've known each other a long time
I guess right now you've got the last laugh
I know I abused you
I took advantage of you
I used you selfishly
I apologize now
You see because after suffering so much
I know now I was wrong
You're the only one I can turn to
Because I misused you
You're the only one that can straighten me
You see love
I can't sleep
I can't even eat
I don't go anywhere anymore
Love I'm begging you to help me
And love, if you help me just this once
I'll never misuse you anymore
I won't be cold anymore
And I'll forever keep you in my heart
Please love, please


Help me love, find my way
I'm still living in yesterday
There are certain things I don't care to reveal
You see they make me feel the way that I feel

I think if I told you, you might just understand yeah
Why I appear to be such a cold-hearted man
Once upon a love, that was so untrue
It turned my heart into stone, and left me so blue

You got to help me love, you're my only chance
I need you to help make me once again a man
Take this heart of mine, and make it new
Please, don't ever leave me blue

And if there's anyone in this whole wide world
It would be you, you see you can make me love
Just give me love like I never had
Treat me good, i'm so tired of being treated so bad

Help me love, I feel so bad
I guess it goes all the way back to my mom and dad
Two people, I never chanced to know
I wonder why, I miss them so

I never had a mothers touch
Or a fathers hand
A good woman's love
Why, I just don't understand
Maybe i'm the one who made myself blue
Won't you help me love, help me find happiness with you

Help me love, help me love
Help me love, find my way
Help me love, turn darkness into day
Help me love, you're my only chance
Help me love, make me once again a man
Help me love, I need you so bad
Help me love, give me the chance I never had
Help me, help me

Help me love, help me love

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