Isaac Hayes

"Nothing Personal"

(*We gonna do a song that you never heard before*)
Yeah, street knowledge
Straight off the motherf**kin' streets of Trinity
For you listeners, check it

[Verse 1: Mike B.]
Don't you player hate me, ho
Man, I'm 'bout tired of this ho sh*t
I'm heartless out the garden, no n***a to f**k with
On the block with the stone (Yeah)
And them other ho's are jealous 'cause we bringin' more money home
I'm keepin' all of my player points
I get paid, on the cool, then sit back and smoke a joint
I know my mind ain't tight, D
If I ain't even got my cousin with the nerves to de-cite me (Ha)
And them n***as we was raised with, talkin' nonsense
'Cause they still had to rob and sh*t
Let's go to the memory lane, bone (Way back)
They was raised with a daddy, I was born without a home
My mama couldn't take care of me
I live my life day by day, on the clock, G
But that's life, sh*t, and it don't quit
Straight up, holmes (What's up man?)
I'm no n***a to f**k with
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