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Uptown XO

"Poor Mans Copyright"

[Verse 1:]
Life, life is a b*tch and I'm f*cking regardless
Ready to die? It's a price to pay, and you can't f*cking afford it
Waking up with a gorgeous woman in bed, and her name is conscience
Maybe it wasn't a fact, n*ggas ain't sh*t as well as they fathers
Motherf*ckers they hate, when n*ggas be up on the come up
See this is a trait passed down to the dumb and the dumber
But common sense will tell a n*gga, "there's strength in numbers"
But success breeds envy, so n*ggas, you can't trust them

Temporary layoffs, cell phone cutoff, (I'm trying to get my head out the water, water)
n*ggas can't f*ck with me, misery is company, (I'm trying to keep my head out the water, water)
And we smoking on indo, playdough
I'm trying to find my way on, haters gonna hate on, (I'm trying to keep my head out the water, water)

[Verse 2:]
Skeletons up in the closet
God, I'm afraid to be honest, now they seeing the karma
The hood, the drama, trying to lose me
Guns big and blocking my hood like precious up in a movie
Move fast, like bullets that come out of an Uzi
Gucci, that's one of the reasons n*ggas was shooting instead of shooting
But we live in a movie, that's what n*ggas do
Scarface, men in suits
f*ck a hater, I hate you too


[Verse 3:]
Pops left a n*gga when I was young
Was tutored on the block, I hung
Got problems, Willy took his place
A boy was there, and he saw my face
Gave me the game and I got cake
Stashed props in my prostate
First rule is "Do not fake"
Second rule is "Do not wait"
And I can't tell you the third cause
This is just for you to observe
Only a few like us, word up
Ayahuasca in my third cup
Exiled on my third verse
Told your ass for the third time
Can't sh*t stop me but murder
So haters hate cause you feel my shine

[Outro: Spoken]
And there are people who are very powerful in this world
Who have think tanks that get together and regulate on a regular basis
And they basically manufacture this society that we live in
It's a system
And this that we live in, with all the stuff that you see:
Wars, famines, corruption
That's basically the end result of these think tanks that get together
And produce this society that we live in
Alright so, we look around us and we know
We KNOW, that there's something wrong

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