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Dave Rodgers

"Ya Ya Ya (Slow Mix)"

Love I do when you're running in my mind
C'mon  let's go we can wait the starting
Step  by step when you come in to my life
We can find the happy time together

Dance with me all nite long
Take  my hand and keep it all, my body, now, my baby
Dance  with me so you know
All the time with you it's funny and we can take it easy

YA  YA YA c'mon boy take it easy
Run and run with me all the time tonight
YA YA YA I'm your girl, take it easy
Keep on running all the time with desire

You  can do (it) when you're coming in my room
I can feel my happiness I look for
Yes I do when you're loving inside me
Nothing's gonna change my feeling baby

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