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Dave Rodgers

"Get It On"

My little girl running through the night
Let's dance my little baby
Don't give up affection
Oh baby it's fancy how your moving tonight
But take it easy & tell me
Give me some directions

She's moving
Hot sense(s) and a sweet love
Shaking body passions
Hot body
Givin' honey for money, money, money

But I can dance with a song for you
I still be gettin' on, get it on, get it on
Oh oh oh
Lovely stuff, it's a chance for you
Believe me, get it on, get it on, get it on

My little love dreamin' (for) some revenge
Relax my little darlin'
Feel a small emotion
Oh baby it's funny how you're looking tonight
Just take it easy & tell me
(are you) feeling some emotions ?

No one can fake it

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