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Dave Rodgers

"Give Me Love"

I can hear your motor
You're drivin' your car
Go left and turn right
C'mon let's go
Feel the beat of my heart
Go crazy when you sit down next to me

You like driving faster
Won't accept for slower
Slow down I need you
(I) need to feel you're hot for me
Let me be (the) master
Feel my hand go lower
I'll never leave you
Boy I think you've got to me

Give me love
Give me only your love
Boy I want it tonight
I need you in my life
Give me love Give me love
Give me only what's right
Now there's noone in sight
Just surrender to me your love

Now the time is turning
Don't wanna turn back
Don't say "it's got late"
I need you more
Please don't leave me burning
I love you when you know you drive me wild

I feel new sensations
You arise my passion
(I) need your emotions
Love me baby all the night
Come be the master
Let your hand go lower
You'll never leave me
Boy I know this feeling's right

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