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Dave Rodgers

"Hey Hey Guy"

Are you respectable ?
Don't tell me lies
I like you when I see you screaming loud
Come on

Are you excitable ?
I know you are sure
Every girl I saw with you were slavin’
Come on

Keeping on tryin' to deceive us try it for you
You're irresistible
You are excitable
Show me how you are living
Show me your tricks
You’re irresistible
You are excitable

Hey hey guy
I think you're the greatest now
Shoot me down
I can't believe what's happening
Hey hey guy
Your life is so amazing now
Wash my brain
Your words are so incredible

Are you invicible ?
Lay down your gun
Love is like a weapon check it out
Come on
Are you flexible ?
Just let me try
Try to take you up and down and now
Come on!!

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