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Dave Rodgers

"Oh Oh Oh The Girls are Dancing"

Take it higher on a Saturday night
Each town looks the same
Small world (and) local girls
Play the pick-up game
Got no reason to get all up tight
I take life as it comes
Make tracks and don't look back
I'm havin' too much fun

And it's one shot it's a bust
One shot lookin' tough
One shot can't get enough
One shot it's a scam
One shot take what you can

Oh oh oh girls are dancin'
Oh oh oh girls are dancin'

And in the morning when the sun
Comes up
The light shines in my eyes
No debts and no regrets
I'm livin' with the lie
My girl moves and sways
It's a dream that always fades
Before long she goes back home
(cause) There's nothing else to say

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