Dave Rodgers

"Ciao Ciao Babe"

Ciao ciao babe

[Verse 1]
I can do it for you baby tonight
That your love is not getting high
And move it
Dance dance baby take it funny all night
Because the way is not what you want

Do you believe me I'm crazy baby
Try me try me baby this time it is mine
Don't take it easy with me for money
Because to me this time is like a fire

Ciao ciao babe
She's dancing like a lady
Bye bye babe
Do you believe in me
Ciao ciao babe
Don't move it like a lazy
Ciao ciao babe, babe lean back on the bed with me

[Verse 2]
Time by time comin' back in my mind
In your eyes I see your desire
And lick it
Up and down like a big ice cream
So easy ciao babe do it for me
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