[Intro: Baby]
Baller Blockin'
N***a I don't give a f**k
When it's on, it's on
We got Baby, Lac and Stone in this b*t*h

[Verse 1: Baby]
I'm a neighborhood superstar
I'll cook anything from a ki of coke, to a gram of that boyd
N***as scoring Glocks like brand new Hot Boy Reeboks
On my blocks stepping 'em up, with grams and rocks
If anything been scoring from me, it was ten a ki
I let my l'il round hustle as long as they score for me

[Verse 2: Lac]
Look if I pull up on the block knowing the set was mine
No more hand-to-hand contact, I'm known for supplying
Since I opened up this set 'chea, this how it's gon' be
Ain't nobody selling sh*t n***a, unless it's for me

[Verse 3: Baby]
All I know is crack slanging and block hanging
On the corner front the store, doing my thang
These n***as know my game, how I do my thang
Water whip I can't do, but whole thangs I slang

[Verse 4: Lac]
Now I'ma pay all my foot soldiers and tell 'em, "Stay focused"
And front all the street hustlers, and keeping 'em posted
That white and that blue car, we call 'em the law
And the dirt that my n***as do is done in the dark

[Verse 5: Baby]
Got lil' woadie running water and we 'bout to cook these quarters
The twenty under the seat for my son and my daughter
The water hot enough, start cooking these quarters
These n***as want it hard, and I understand

[Verse 6: Lac]
If I pull up dressed in all black with a boot in my mouth
Cause a n***a didn't pay 'Lac, and I know that he sold out
Put something in my street sweeper, and run in his house
Knock a hole up out his pa chest, and a tongue out his ma mouth
[Verse 7: Baby]
A ki stashed up and I'm gettin' 'em all
I got a stash put up for the drought in the fall

[Verse 8: Stone]
Hot Boys vacating the pop, can back sh*t up
The Feds call my 'hood a Payday, 'cause it's packed with nuts
Ghetto rich money stashed in the mansions bruh
I got them kis, ten a ki from Fresh and Atrice bruh

[Verse 9: Baby]
I know n***as think bad 'cause the people ride fast
I got 5 strikes, I'm going out with a blast
Cash in your life n***a when you playing with me
I'll give you work, break ya off ya face B.G

[Verse 10: Lac]
Cadillac's the name I run with, so call me Seville
Push a platinum Escalade truck with 20 inch wheels
Now the Jag you saw me driving, that's for everyday stuntin'
Loud pipes, big rims, so you can see when I'm coming

[Verse 11: Baby]
I don't give a f**k n***a, ain't no rules in the streets
You know money come first, the other bullsh*t weak
I don't wanna hear no stories about my cheese
You violate n***a, your family gon' grieve
[Verse 12: Stone]
Headbuster Alva Stone, ya heard me dog
And everytime ya heard my name, it was a murder involved
I just rap to clear my name and smuggle bundles of that raw
Always rap so what you lames, suburb and that car

[Verse 13: Lac]
Saratoga and I ride, I represent to the fullest
Ain't nobody pulling strangs here, unless that I pull it
If a n***a put a hit out, believe that I took it
In the cost Bible murders, was OD-ing and bullets

[Verse 14: Baby]
All i know is gun slanging and head banging
Too many disrespected, and lived to sang it
Drop change like a motherf**ker, f**k them n***as
If a n***a outta line, motherf**k that n***a

[Verse 15: Stone]
Type of n***a who'll bat a b*t*h, and then wait on her pa
Type of n***a who'll do a snitch broad day in the park
I'm one of them n***as that don't bring it still buy up the bulk
Like Rob Deniero, Rob Banks, and bang out with the law

[Verse 16: Lac]
Look here I come from the projects, and the ghetto streets
I'm cooking up whole thangs, 'til they hard like concrete
I fronted the O.G.s, a bag of that OZs
For n***as that don't know, I got something woadie

[Verse 17: Baby]
The same ol' n***a just a different game
F**k b*t*hes, tote heat, things never gon' change
I'm the number one stunna, n***a, Baby's the name
I like cooking crack and watch how quick it come back

[Verse 18: Stone]
I rock a oyster-faced Rollie with the crust out bang
Ice cover the wrist whodie like I sprung my hand
I sport Prowlers, whips with the T.V.s playing
Iceberg, Prada d**k, like here come the man

[Verse 19: Baby]
I'll pull up at Washington Six in a six
I'll slide out quick, bet I could f**k any b*t*h

[Verse 20: Lac]
I push a lavender Porsche Carerra, seat sprayed leather
The top goes off and on to floss with the rainy weather
The seats they came customized, they made by Ricarro
A ruby red CL5, I'll cop by tomorrow

[Verse 21: Baby]
For catching me on the interstate drunk, running the law
With a b*t*h in my lap tasting my balls
I don't like when they too much, act like they stuck up
Leave Atrice nut up, I'll bat that b*t*h up

[Verse 22: Stone]
The king of the Nolia I crowd both the wrists
Lock down slanging towns, took the top off the six
In the club I be thugged with ten topless chicks
T-shirt, Girbauds, Reeboks in it

[Outro: Stone, Baby & Fresh]
Killa, ain't no stopping it
Off top, can't pop this b*t*h
You know what I'm saying
Baller Blockin' you understand
New Edition of Cash Money
Some real Hot Boys
Believe it woadie