Bustas Phill Us / Bustas Feel Us
Trying to hustle up on my hustle G
It ain't gon' bite my bite (my bite)
Where the bite, where the stank

(rumble, rumble)

N***as aye, n***as aye let's get ready to rumble G
If you think you can hold off, hold off my girl from (unintelligible)
My nayga...I'd like to, like to thank ya
I know I'm looking fresh
I know I'm blowing big
I know I'm coming down soaking wet
But better yet
Hating on, hating on favors
Giving up in my clique cause we don't give a...
You can, you can (unintelligible) cause they don't give a fuuuuuck

You hating on, hating on, trying to be jacking me cause your pockets GONE, and your heart is full of that greed and that jealousy
Money greed jealousy
Pistol packin' playas
N***as n***as
And go, and go, be sure, sure you bustas feel us (feel us)
Money greed jealousy
Pistol pistol packin' playas
N***as n***as and n***as
Gon' be sure you bustas feel us

Let's get ready to rumble
The jungle, the jungle
Im a soldier, and i told ya'
Them dudes, them boys be dropping big down in (unintelligible)
(unintelligible) them (unintelligible) them
On my hustle, and if you think of (unintelligible) in my sh*t we gon' a tustle
Told me a poor hustler makes no hustler
So f**k ya
Young (unintelligible) ain't got no mother f**king love for ya
Pickin da, pickin da booty a** greedy tight
Jealous straight up hating mother f**kers better get your heart right
16 clips up under the chamber (unintelligible) and that means danger
(unintelligible line)
But I had to stang ya
So miss me coming, who? who? while I'm jacking
The reason leads me to (unintelligible) don't need to reason to leave you bustas bleedin'
N***as n***as creeping
Who you peeping?
Is it me and my n***a young (unintelligible)
Is that why ya'll n***as out in the ski masks?
Foe' you start peepin' on me wit dat strap
Yea' that bumpin in my trunk was just in case I got, I got
In my, in my lap, word (unintelligible)
Too many hoes man, them hoes be sweatin
(unintelligible line)
Just because they riding on (unintelligible)

Scope with, Scoping me hoping they can get me this time
It's time to ride (unintelligible) die
N***as (unintelligible)
Cause, cause I'm about this paper chase
Even if millions (unintelligible) (unintelligible) taking it to a n***as place
They (unintelligible) now where your clique at?
No time to be (unintelligible) mother f**kers just put that ski on this (unintelligible)
B*t*h (unintelligible) say yo black and tell that busta to fill up the stack
Cause i dont wanna whip out wit' dis' click clack
And if, if he (unintelligible) (unintelligible) out on the floor
A n***a go crazy like lil dawgs (unintelligible) (unintelligible)
But you, but you trippin' 'foe me and kill f**k ain't no hoes cut it
Is you mad because you ho be acting real.....
But dont be hatin cause I'm (unintelligible)
We rollin' with n***as that down to ride
Jealous then you die
Money money
Greed and jealousy
Pistol packing playas
N***as gonna feel us

Gon' make sure you bustas feel us