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Outside the Lines With Rap Genius

"ItsTheReal Excerpt #3 - Rolling Stone"

SameOldShawn: So Jeff, I wanted to ask you for a second about writing for Rolling Stone. You're often in these situations where you have to write relatively straight-faced about stuff that, in another context, would be fodder for skits -- Snoop Dogg makes a reggae album or Trinidad Jame$, stuff like that. Is it ever tough to dial down your comedic side or sarcastic side when at that stuff?

Jeff Rosenthal, ItsTheReal: No. I think when you love hip-hop as much as Eric and I do -- and as much as anybody does -- you have real thoughts about things. It's not just, like, how could I just stab somebody in the side and make them double over? It's more like, okay, what is this Trinidad Jame$ show really like? The Trinidad Jame$ show I saw, it was a lot of people who just wanted to hear the one song and that was it, and there were about ten other songs. And it was this sort of unbearable slow crawl until he played "All Gold Everything" twice. The crowd sucked. Trinidad Jame$ was fine, but nobody wanted to hear anything

I think it's the same sort of desire to point out these big issues that people are talking about, but I do have real thoughts. I have real thoughts! I'm a real person!

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