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Outside the Lines With Rap Genius

"OTL 47: Awkword Excerpt #1 - World View"

SameOldShawn: I know you’re creating a project that’s solely for charity, right? Kind of a global rap album. I was reading something you wrote about that, where you’re trying to get guest verses from 75 people from across the globe

Having been in hip-hop for a while now, I know how difficult it can be to get a verse from one person on the other side of Brooklyn, so I can’t imagine what coordinating something like that must be like

Awkword: I think that’s a side of this that really hasn’t been looked into. It’s to a fault. When I say I don’t sleep, I really mean it. It takes three sleeping pills just to get me to go to sleep right now

I definitely have spent a lot of time each day, and many days, preparing this. It’s a project called World View, and it’s got a couple different intentions. I think they’re definitely both on the way in achieving those already. The album doesn’t come out until sometime this year through DJ Booth

Not every song on the project is necessarily socio-political. There’s a lot of hardcore New York City stuff on there, there’s some fun party music, there’s some love stories, you know, there’s some sh*t-talking, there’s all kinds of stuff. But that’s what hip-hop is about – it’s about life. It’s not about living only by God’s will or your teacher’s will or your local police officer’s will

In terms of 75 rappers, I’m about to hit that marker. I’ve already hit that mark anyway. And you’re absolutely right – it’s been intense over these past couple of years. The best thing you said was that, yeah, I can get a mix back from a guy in Malawi, Africa sometimes quicker than I can get it back from a dude in Brooklyn who lives down the street from me. So there’s a lot of different variables that play into it. I’m still waiting on a mix of a song that has been done for probably over a year now from someone in Brooklyn, so that’s the way it goes. I just keep on moving and when I’m done, I’m done, and it’s gonna be soon. The best part is that I’m already seeing all the positive impacts from it

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