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Outside the Lines With Rap Genius

"OTL 72: Todd Kreidler Excerpt #3"

SameOldShawn: I'm curious about, A, your process of choosing them and B, if was there one that you chose that surprised you or surprised people, like "where'd you come up with that one?"

Todd Kriedler: Oh yeah, I've gotten that a lot. Like "Resist the Temptation", or the mother song - that is not a track a lot of people do. I'm trying to think of other ones that have popped out as unusual to people... The way that "What's Next" is used. There are about 40 songs that did make it and at one point, "Blasphemy" was in the show and it had to be cut. It was never in the Broadway production but last year, it was, and I loved that song so much. We used it in between Vertus and Anthony's scene -- you know the scene where he dresses him down, says "What are you wearing Benny's jacket for? What war are you fighting?" and he says, "I'm in the new revolution," and then "Ain't every revolution supposed to be new?" That scene? That would lead up to "Blasphemy". You would hear Vertus with his, "Keep your enemies close, watch your homies" all that stuff, and then Anthony had all of the stuff about God and crying when the Pope died

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