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Edward Ka-Spel

"Beyond the Beach"

[Verse 1: Amanda Palmer]
I cannot recommend the cherries
Hanging low from this old tree
They glow on moonless nights and taste
A bit like paraffin
It's been a decade since it happened
And we're told we can return
But may be best to boil the water
Ignore the afterburn

[Verse 2: Edward Ka-Spel]
I have an extra hand to hold you with
I have an even tan to show off with
A chest like Annapurna
A heart of precious stone
Maybe a slow burner but there’s steel in them dry bones
Mountain man learned to be patient
In a world that keeps mutating
My, oh my, just look how we have grown

[Verse 3: Amanda Palmer & Edward Ka-Spel]
And the Geiger counter's ticking
Mountain man is coming close
Been two year's, the baby's kicking
A hundred little toes
Mountain man may be a virgin
Aren't we all?
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