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Nikki Lane

"Love’s On Fire"

[Verse 1: Dan Auerbach]
I tell you, this road is an awful partner
Got me so strung out
I know you think that it's just one big party
But that's not what it's all about

[Verse 2: Nikki Lane]
I know you say you don't wanna leave
But the house just gets so quiet
I lay around and hope you phone me
Won't you sing me to sleep tonight?

[Chorus: Nikki Lane & Dan Auerbach]
Love's on fire
Love's on fire
This traveling round got us burning down
Got us hanging by a wire
Started with a spark but the wind came round
And now our love's on fire
Now our love's on fire

[Verse 3: Dan Auerbach]
You and me, we got so much love
But we got no money to burn
I'm going away so I can make us something
Sure as the wheels do turn
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