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Nikki Lane

"Man Up"

Where do you think I'm getting all these flowers?
You've been watching T.V. for hours and hours
Don't you ever think our love has gonna fade
I'm supposed to be a girl, I ain't gonna be your maid
You'd better ma-ma-man up
Better get your ducks in line
Better take a ha-ha-hard look
Before I say goodbye

You better get off your ass
You better man up
Or I'mma have to be the one that gets tough
You better love me right
Like you can't get enough
Like I'm the only thing that makes you feel so good
Before I find somebody new
And man up

My roof's been leaking since last July
That bucket's full of the tears that I cry
I gotta find some place that's nice and dry
I call my mama, she'd say "my oh my"
He better ma-ma-man up
Better get his ducks in line
Go take a ha-ha-hard look
Might have to say goodbye
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