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It Prevails

"Break Away"

Living in a world of tradition, I'll break myself away
We all need to go our own way and chase all the horizons
You need to feel for yourself and break paths with those that will blind you
A man that tells you how to feel is a man that will tear you down
They're only depriving from themselves the experience that could define who they are

But we will find ours, we will find it
We will accept from the world all that is has to offer
We're not blinded, we carry the fire inside ourselves
And we will burn the tryant beside us

Line up the world's traditions
They will be broken down, they will be set on fire
By the will to change for the better
This is our chance to break way

With tradition gone, what feels right for me will stay

It baffles me how many people live their lives
With eyes cloaked over and only see one dimensionally
They push their beliefs on you and me
But trust me, their fruitless efforts will go unseen

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