Big Scoob
Guru and Johnny Famous Freestyle (Frank151: That Grown Man)
Frank151 ft. Guru and Johnny Famous - “Guru and Johnny Famous Freestyle (Frank151 - That Grown Man)”
[Produced by DJ Premier (Original Instrumental from Royce Da 5'9" - "Boom")]

[Intro: Guru and PF Cuttin]
Guru: Yo. Frank151. Uh. Yeah, my nuzzle. Straight like dizzle, Brooklizzle in the house. Oh boy, your man Mr. Guru, Gang Starr. Repping for Premier and my old team. It’s how we do. Yo
PF Cuttin: Yeah, it’s your boy Guru featuring Johnny Famous. It’s That Grown Man Part 2

[Verse 1: Guru]
They say you ain’t
Supposed to mix business with pleasure, but I mix
The Henny with the hypnotic, c*ck back the lever
Bring it back to the days of “now or never.” The black
Anguilo make ‘em bounce forever. O.M.T.:
Old Man Thug. OG rhyming bald head
With a young man mug. Uh. Codename
Is Baldhead Slick, making y’all get sick
From my infectious aura bagging all your chicks
Call it quits. Flushed, hear my toilet sh*t
It’s why they love me. Keep burners oiled and sh*t
Suckers squirm and sh*t. They got no respect
I’m enjoying this sh*t. I got no regrets
From the hood to the corporate, give up your goods and forfeit
This is George Foreman style: I’ma grill some more sh*t

[Verse 2: Johnny Famous (AKA Big Scoob)]
Johnny Famous, I f**ked your b*t*hes. What?
Homo n***as is snitches
One for the mellow, two for the flow (My flow)
7:45, n***a head in Synco
Brooklyn. F**k your style. I’m too gully
Saratoga, Pitkin Ave. trying to mug me
I spit like winter cold: so sick
Raw like the voice from Eartha Kitt
Man, I’m blessed. Don’t test. Who’s stressed?
I aim for your head—n***a, f**k your vest
One, n***a, two, n***a, three, n***a, four
Mixtape hopeful in school hit the door
I freestyle off the top of the head
Most of y’all n***as is fed, eyes red
F**k y’all. I’ll buck one shot, two
What y’all gonna do when Trendsetters come through?
M.O.P., Laze, and Gurizzy
Make any b*t*h n***a head get dizzy

[Outro: Guru]
Straight like that. My man Scoob, AKA Johnny Famous. I am the wizard Guru. That’s right. AKA Baldhead Slick. AKA Old Man Thug. Uh, representing Gang Starr and all that and all that. We doing this live, worldwide. No jive, son. I’m the live one. Peace to Frank151. Yeah, baby. It’s Grown Man sh*t. I planned this sh*t, stupid