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Big Scoob

"Like Mine"

[Intro: Boogieman]
It's now or never man I'm ready
Got me riding with the youngers
Dumping choppers at the chevy
Trying to make it happen with the medley
But the medley evidently ain't the only road to fed me

[Verse: Boogieman]
Bout to take it back to what I'm knowing n***a
Bang it off the curb it's so amazing how it going n***a
Sparking chunky go get the money n***a
Automatic license when you get em through a chunky n***a
And that ain't nothing like mine
Underhanded with the package that ain't like Brian
Ima show you how to get it when its crunch time
Guaranteed to eat I'm pushing yippers in the lunch line

[Hook: Big Scoob]
I done been through a whole lot of places
And it still ain't nothing like mine
You's a b*t*h and you n***as hella fake
So I know they ain't nothing like mine
Push up on me if you ain't tryna f**k
Tell her hold on don't waste my time
From the turf so you n***as know whats up
So you pussies better stay in line

[Verse: Big Scoob]
Hard to beat it and undefeated my city gold
Born schemin' a gutter heathen so gimme more
All I know is how we get it in a show me state
I'm a gritter ima get it

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