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Howard Hewett

"One More Rhythm"

[Verse 1]
Mighty music light me up tonight
I can feel the good times comin' on
Out on the street the beat is burnin' bright
And every fantasy is filled inside a song
Inhibitions slowly slip away
The look inside your eyes can say it all
Can't fight the magic of a night like this
Got to get on up, give in to love
It's easy when you fall because there's

One more rhythm to start you dreamin'
There's one more groove you can try
Got to keep on dancin' 'til mornin' light
Because there's one more rhythm to ride

[Verse 2]
The band is stompin', smokin' to the beat
A perfect time for lovers everywhere
And when I hold your body close to me
I know it's more than just tonight we're gonna share
Shinin' figures, dancin' in a dream
A boogie ballet bathed in candlelight, ooh
This is a moment only love can see
Gotta take a chance on this romance
And never say goodnight because there's
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