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Richard Cheese

"Hannukah In Las Vegas"

Hannukah in Las Vegas
It's a festival of neon lights
Bet a dollar, and eat some challah
The strip is kosher tonight

There's a menorah, on the Tropicana
And a stripper wearing just a yarmulke
Hannukah in Las Vegas
Eight swingin' nights

The Baruch Atah Adonai blessing
Is sung by a showgirl choir
When it's time to light the candles each night
Penn & Teller set them on fire

All the yentas make stops, at the Forum Shops
And the tzimmes is made with Carrot Tops
Hannukah in Las Vegas
Try the lambchops

(Aleph, Bet, Gimel, Dalet)
Moses went to the Luxor
To shoot craps with Pharaoh
As he rolled the dice, he said real nice
Let my people Yo!

The cantors are playing poker
They use chocolate coins for chips
All the rabbis bet, on dreidel roulette
And the casino moyel takes tips

Hannukah in Las Vegas
It's a real gelt trip!

Well, the shamash here is The Stratosphere
And David Copperfield makes the latkes disappear

Hannukah in Las Vegas
Sammy's watching from above

I said Hannukah in Las Vegas
What's not to love

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