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Richard Cheese

"Live in the Lounge"

You know, we're so honored to be playing here, it's such a remarkable club. You know, the Mercury Lounge was built in 1923, it was actually the original home of the Walt Disney Studios. How many people know that "Steamboat Willie" was animated right over here in this corner? And Walt Disney, he soundproofed this entire room and about five years ago all the soundproofing was removed. But they did put in these bricks and you'd be amazed that the human voice sounds so great in this room and what I'd like to do, I'm going to ask Kevin the sound engineer to turn off my microphone in a moment and I'm gonna do an a capella number for yeah. Just how great this room sounds with just a voice and the walls and I think I'll enjoy this, this is a selection by Old Dirty b*st*rd and the lyric, just, bear with me, everyone be quiet for a second. Kevin, turn off my mic, I'm gonna do an a capella number. Bobby, give me an E, would ya?

(I want pu**y!)

Doesn't it sound great in here? Isn't it phenomenal, this room?

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