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Richard Cheese

"Christmas In Las Vegas 2013"

[Verse 1]
Christmas in Las Vegas
Decorate your tree with chips
Let's roll a yo beneath the mistletoe
While that angel strips
Rudolph sold the sled, now he's betting on red
In a casino made out of gingerbread
Christmas in Las Vegas
It's a trip!

[Verse 2]
The wise men are rolling sevens
The elves are doubling down
Light a candle, and pull the handle
I love that jinglin' sound
Every showgirl and boy ride in a sleigh of joy
Pulled by eight tiny tigers eating Siegfried and Roy
Christmas in Las Vegas
What a town!

Santa brought me two aces
I wonder if I should split?
Hey waitress, bring me a drink, while I think
What would Jesus hit?

[Verse 3]
The strip lights are all twinkling
There's no room at the inn
But because 'tis the season
They'll comp a suite for Mary at the Wynn!
Christmas in Las Vegas
It's Bethlehem with Bling!

Let's hope the dealer brings four newborn kings
'Cause my baby needs a brand new pair of five golden rings Christmas in Las Vegas really swings!
Cha cha cha ching
I said Christmas in Las Vegas really swings!

(Yo, yo, yo)
You said it Santa, Merry Christmas everybody! Thank you, good night!

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