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"Lady Fancy Knickers"

Lady Fancy Knickers
Gee up, ya ya!
Dressed in your post-office skirt
Ditch the lifeswitch grandpa
Gee up, ya ya!
And his long, long evenings at the carpet warehouse

I wish that I could say to you
The things I've got to say to you
Instead I find my head is filled for hours
With wooden sweets and sellotape
With Scotch tape and electric tape
And insulating tape made out of flowers

I want a new theory of everything
A tub of custard, a manky carpet and a piece of string
Junior Soleil's code of honour
Self-Portrait of Luther being played by the devil as a pair of bagpipes

Lady Fancy Knickers
Gee up, ya ya
Spooky foxgloves at the pink pine igloo
The etiquette of public information display
New games prefigure new societies
I wish I could I could be liege to you
Instead of laying siege to you
You know that you're outnumbered, on the run
In the locker at the train station
I read your letter ending
'If you love me, love me totally for fun'

Lady Fancy Knickers

Claytones on Sun Mountain ring for you
A culture critic with a pot of glue
Make a cup of tea
Listen to the three
Lefthanded mongol horsemen on the radio

The first day of the siege
We dressed the men in white
The second day we made scarlet costumes in the night
If you resist the third the city's going to fall
Black is what we'll wear when we come to kill you all

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