Rudy Ray Moore
Big Daddy vs. Dolemite
[Big Daddy Kane]
Mmm.. ohh yeah
Mmm, mmm, mmm, ohh yeah

Allow me to introduce myself
As the Big Daddy Kane
A smooth lover from around the way
That's bound to drive any b*t*h insane

[Dolemite (Rudy Raw Moore)]
Well Dolemite is my name
And rappin and tappin is my game

Oh yeah? Well me tell you somethin Mr. Dolemite
The sh*t you talkin years ago, I could see
But it's the 90's now and rap is all about me

Listen.. when it comes down to rappin
I was THROUGH with it before you learned what to do with it
I'm the KING so I'm stakin my claim
In the rappin game
Y'know? For all players, I am the speaker
I'm also known as the hot pu**y seeker
When it comes down to ridin up and down in some pu**y
I make it weaker
Also it gets a little deeper
I was walkin down Broadway the other day
An old old lady came my way
She said, "I'll be glad when you 'come 18
I'm gonna give you a funkin like you ain't never seen!"
I said, "LADY! Why wait for so much time to pa**?
I've been WANTIN to tear up yo' old gray a**"
So I pulled out my d**k
It was so shiny it looked like it was painted
The ho took one look and damn near fainted
I stuck it in the b*t*h and the b*t*h began to shout
That, "Oh Mr. Dolemite, take that motherf**ker OUT!"
Well you ain't sayin nothin slick to a can of oil
I walked barefoot from New York to Dallas
Won for Pimp of the Year at the Caesar's Palace
Made a big snowstorm on the 4th of July
And drunk the waters in the Atlantic Ocean til that sh*t was dry
I was makin money before Washington was put on a bill
And I kicked Jack's a** and took his ho Jill
I'm the one who broke the bull's back
And made people say F**K McDonald's and call ME the Big Mac

Why you long lanky motherf**ker
You ain't nothin but a sucker!
I was born in a barrel of butcher knives
Shot in the a** with two Colt .45's
I've been slapped by a bear and bit by an eel
I chew up railroad iron, and sh*t out steel!
I jumped in the ocean and swallowed a whale
Handcuff lightning and throw THUNDER's a** in jail

Why you ignorant decrepit motherf**ker
Let me tell you somethin
I'm the one that put the M in mackin
Because when you did it you was only actin
I made pimpin a full time job
So b*t*hes wouldn't have to go out and rob
I made the streets of New York hot as a SAUNA
And hung a Home Sweet Ho sign on every corner
Yes I'm the player of all players and the mack of all macks
Give a headache to Excedrin and knock the SH*T out of Ex-Lax
Why you insecure no business barn junkyard
Rat soup eatin motherf**ker!!
It was in the early 1960's when I originated my pimpin game
I was callin w****s jives a** b*t*hes
And pimps - sucker a** lame
KANE, before you can take my reign
You gotta cook me a chicken and a half a day
Walk from New York to Los Angeles and throw the bones away
You gotta be BORN BLIND and cannot see
Yo' b*t*hes have the POCKS in the a** so bad they can't even pee
Ride a bald eagle a million feet in the AIR
And get out and do the runnin man while you up there
Have the Mumps and the Asiastic Flu
And the Crabs around yo' a** start singin the Yankee Doodle Doo!

Aww f**kit I give up