Rudy Ray Moore
I’m Miley Cyrus
Hey baby
You know what the f**k it is mayne
It's your boy Lil B in this motherf**ker
Red Flame
Shouts out to my, uhh... girlfriend
You know what's up baby

I'm Miley Cyrus (Swag)
I'm Miley Cyrus (Swag)
I'm Miley Cyrus (Swag swag)
I'm Miley Cyrus (Swag swag)
Cyrus, Cyrus (Swag)
I'm Miley Cyrus (Swag)
Cyrus, Cyrus (Woo)
I'm Miley Cyrus (Woo swag)

[Verse 1]
Left hand Cyrus (Swag)
Right hand iced-out (Iced-out)
All the girls love me (Yo)
All the guys hate me (Guys hate me)
Right hand, Cyrus (Hand Cyrus)
Girlfriend Cyrus (Friend Cyrus)
I'm Miley Cyrus (Swag)
Drive with no licence (Swag)
Toucan Sam ice (Swag swag swag)
Chain ultraviolet (Woo)
Young Based God used to date Miley Cyrus (Woo woo woo swag)
I look like Paris Hilton (Swag woo)
Chain Ellen DeGeneres (Woo woo)
Rang Mel Gibson (Woo woo)
Chain Jessica Simpson (Swag)
[Hook] (x2)

[Verse 2]
Where's Trace Cyrus (Swag)
I'm on the Waterfront (Swag)
Real hood shorty swagged-up to the maximum (Swag swag swag)
I'm in the suburbs (Swag)
Walking no security (Ohmygod!)
Left hand Cyrus (Swag)
Girls love my jewelry (Swag)
Right hand Cyrus (Hand Cyrus)
Young Based Cyrus (Based Cyrus)
Young Based God and my girl's Miley Cyrus (Swag swag swag)
Bentley cool driving (Swag)
10 thousand diamonds (Swag)
I'm Miley Cyrus
Party in the USA, ohmygod!

[Hook] (x2)