Rudy Ray Moore
You Could Be Ugly Too [Explicit]
I was walking down the street no later than yesterday.
Man, I met two of the ugliest, most fractured chicks I ever seen in my life.
They were so thin and frail, they looked like the searching for more pounds for lunch bunch.
I believe they could even tap dance on a needle.
One of them had the nerve to pop her fingers at me and say "Come over here daddy,
why don't you take me where some action is?"
And I did,
took her to a bull fight.
When I got there man, the fight was on.
But when that bull took one look at this ugly chick, man it was over.
She was just so ugly, she looked like crime in the face.
She was just so ugly she looked like she'd been short stopping alligators.
She was just so ugly she could break daylight with her fists.
Fact about it she opened up the doors and windows one morning and daylight even refused to come in.
She was just so ugly she could scare a hungry bulldog off the back of a meat truck.
She was just so ugly she looked like King Kong laying over on the railroad track eating a raw onion and sipping on a vinegar chaser
and man that's ugly enough to stop any train.
And [?] she come out with a dress on, had so many holes in it I said, "Baby, ain't no way in this world you can't be righteous cause you are hole-y all over."
She said, "these are [?] I got on."
I said "You're right, because you got leather all up around your ankles and both feet shining on the floor."
That chick looked at me, and I believe her eyes... I believe she could stand on the front porch and count the chickens in the backyard.
Her teeth looked like a soda, not a sparkling soda but 7UP cause she had seven up and one down.
And could she eat,
Set her down at a restaurant table, and she ordered everything on the menu but thank you.
She would have ordered the man's name, but she couldn't pronounce it.
Then she said to me, "I don't eat all this kind of cheap food.
I eat steaks and caviar all the time."
I went home with her, heard the dog barking in the backyard,
and I seen she had so many neck bones piled up. Baby, I thought I was taking a stroll through Death Valley.
Oh, but ugly. Never let it happen to me baby.
I can remember the day I was born.
My mother presented my father with two bouncing, baby boys.
He looked down to peer at us and said, "Come here,"
said, "Come here quick and look. Look at these two, little, old ugly babies."
Said, "honey, you better pick out the best looking one, because I'm sure going to drown the other one." And that's when I learned how to swim.
Just remember.
Ugly, ugly.
You could be ugly too. Ugly too. Ugly too.
Ugly too. Ugly too. Ugly too. Ugly too. Ugly too. Ugly.