Rudy Ray Moore
So Glad I Could Come
Now you take, there you take a
A young case worker come through our neighborhood
You know there's a lot of boys, that's you know
Gettin' out gettin' their uh, little uh, uh, charity, you know
So then, yeah, that's right, so-so case worker come through
And she rung a young man's doorbell
And did not ask him any questions
She walked in the door, punched the doorbell
Went on in, pulled off all her clothes, laid down
Kicked up both legs, and then she looked at him and said
"Young man, are you married?", he said "Yes, I'm married"
She jumps up and put on all her clothes
And get ready to walk out the door
Says "What's wrong, young lady?
What's wrong, what's wrong?"
She said "Honey, this here that I got is for the needy
Not for the greedy"
You know, I went, I went to school
As I say, I went to school, and all of those things happened
And a lot of thing happened in school, but, but this
Th-this is one that happened in church
I arrived in church yesterday, and the preacher said
"Uh huh, mmm hmm, this mornin' my brothers and sisters"
Said "I want everybody to get up and testify
Tell the old reverend just how glad you are to be here"
Sister Mary was the first one to jump up and testify
"Oh Reverend!" said "This morning, I'm so glad
I could come this morning, reverend"
Said "Reverend, it ain't often Sister Mary can come
But she come this morning and honey, she glad of it"
Said "Reverend, you know my old husband
He couldn't come with me, but I come by myself baby"
Said "Maybe next Sunday
Me and that old rat will come together"
Now you know I am from Mississippi, and I'm glad
To be from there, but I went back home
To visit my mother and father
Just as I got on the yard, my little brother
He about six years old and cute as he wanna be
He said "Daddy" Said "There's a preacher at the house
Tryin' to same mama's soul"
Daddy said "Son, you go back to the house"
Said "If there's a holiness preacher
I want you to lock up my ice box, 'cause that rat
Will eat up all our food"
Said "Is Methodist preacher, I want you to hide my ripple
And my thunderbird, 'cause that scamp will drink it all up"
Said "If it's one of them old fun-lovin', joy-poppin'
Fat biscut-eatin, gravy-soppin' Baptist preachers
I want you to sit in mama's lap
And don't you move 'til I get there, either"