Rudy Ray Moore
Dolemite (Film Version)
(Some folks say that Willie Green)
(Was the baddest motherf**ker)
(The world ever seen)
(But I want you to hold onto your seats)
(And hold onto them tight)
(‘Cause you’re now gettin’ ready to see)
(The story of me, yes, me)
(The bad a** Dolemite)

[Verse 1]
Oh, he’s bad, mmm (Bad)
The man is out of sight, mm-hmm
He’s a tough son of a gun, y’all
The man’s name is Dolemite, hey, hey
I heard of his coming
Even before his time
And I ain’t lying, listen

On the day that he was born
His pappy wore a sign
Saying, “Dolemite is here
And this bad little brother is mine”
(Mine, mine, woo, woo) Yeah, yeah

Dolemite, mmm, oh, yes
(Dolemite, Dolemite, Dolemite, Dolemite)
You’re out of sight
(Dolemite, Dolemite, Dolemite, Dolemite)
Dolemite, yeah
(Dolemite, Dolemite, Dolemite, Dolemite)
Oh, brother, you’re all right
(Dolemite, Dolemite, Dolemite, Dolemite)

[Verse 2]
He’s here to let the whole world know
How bad a man is he, yeah
So won’t you stop, look and listen
Dolemite is here for you all to see