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"What's the Name of This Place?"


What's the name of this place?

Monster Island

Monster Island?

I've never heard of...

-there's no such real place called monster island

[Sample: Granddaughter + Grandfather]
Oh! Grandfather!
What is the matter with you my child?
A Monster, a Monster will set fire to the city and trample on the people who try to run away
A Monster?


Right now they are doing their best to try and contain the situation, emergency vehicles are on the scene, the streets to lower Manhattan are effectively sealed off to all pedestrian traffic. The only thing allowed down here are a few media vehicles and of course firefighters, police, and EMS...

More have we have just learned have been set up a few blocks away but are not releasing the location of that yet we have had some hysterical bystanders who have been hauled away by police. The police are not giving any nonsense around here this...

It is impossible to anticipate where the two monsters which suddenly appeared will attack next

No human being can understand that
The monsters on monster island could understand it

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