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Barry White

"For Your Love (I’ll Do Most Anything) (LP Edit)"

I need to ask you something
I know my timing is probably bad
Baby, I really can't wait any longer, I...
I need to know what would it take
For me to convince you, that I would, heh...
I would love to spend some serious time with you
What would it really take?

Because baby, you are, heh... you are so radiant
Your eyes, your smile
You possess some king of mystical, magical fire
That attacks me, and attracts me to you
And maybe that's why I can't simply say
That I'm willing to do almost anything
Just to spend all of my time with you

I've got to let you know
Just how much you mean to me
Just to have you in my world alone
I'd give everything I own

Life has been a bore
But with you that is no more
You're what I need, oh-oh
With my eyes I can see
You're the only one that I've been waiting for, oh

It's not about the clothes you wear
It's not about the way you style your hair
It's just about the things you do
All I need, is only you

For your love - oh, I would do most anything
Any doggone thing
For your love, and all the joy you bring

Please don't say "no" to me
Come and end this nightmare
Hey there
Only you and you alone
You got to say you'll be there

I know I can make you love me
But you're gonna have to trust me
Say you will, oh
Please hear the words I'm sayin'
You gotta know that I'm not playin'
It's for free

Still, I'm not about just laying with you
With other guys that's all they want to do
You can have it all this time
If you would be only mine

For your love - oh, I would do any, any, anything
Anything, thing, yeah
For your love, and all that precious joy you bring

For your love - oh, I would do, know I would do
I would do any, any, anything
For your love, and all the joy, the sweet joy you bring...

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