Barry White

"There’s A Place (Where Love Never Ends) (LP Edit)"

Mmm... hm-hmmm...
You know, a kiss like that could really start something this evening tonight
I want you to go with me
It's your kind of place, it's very romantic
It's our kind of place
You know how you sitting there looking so beautifully, lady
And I, baby I really wanna feel your fire
I wanna see your passion, I... mm
Baby believe me, a kiss like that could really start something
I wanna take you there
I wanna be with you, and only you, there
Baby... trust me

There's a secret place
It's a love's hideaway
And it's not that far from here
Just imagine taking a ride
Streaking across the sky
And playing music as we fly

You would love the place where I go
It's the only place I know
Where we can lose all track of time
Loving each other, over and over again
Giving it all from within
Over and over, and over and over again
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