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Barry White

"Even Deeper"

[Intro: Barry White]
It feels so good
You lying here next to me

[Verse One: Rick Ross]
I'm living underneath the telescope
Ciroc in my margarita in Mexico
Got a model with me that I seen on World Star
Introduced her to the world of La Pearla
I'm talking S and M but got her screaming A to Z
Talking the type of cheese she used to think was make believe
I used to f**k 'em then I made 'em leave
Leaving things, I had a bucket full of Maybeline
I had a bucket of my favorite green
Opened up the budget now it's only major things
Mulsanne, run ya half a ticket
Bugatti Boys, cop won't even write the ticket
I got a few crips that wanna come and kick it
Catch blue balls if one of ya n***a's b*t*hes
I know the feeling gotta re-align your wills to life
Or better yet, maybe should write your will tonight

[Hook: Barry White & (Rick Ross)]
Deeper and deeper
In love with you I'm falling
Sweeter and sweeter
Your tender words of love keep calling (Money grew like grass)
Eager and eager (Money grew like grass)
To feel your sweet lips on my face (Money grew like grass)
Please her and please her
Any time or any place
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