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Maybe I'm not as smart as I thought
As I come back down
Entertain the sun, Beg it to go on
Don't leave me all alone down here
'Cause I don't have a doubt
That I am without, A way out of this

And I climb, This wasted time
I've been in, And I find
I change my mind, Again you win

Can you take the ashes that I've burned
At your expense
'Cause I can't tell you why, All the things that I
Haven't thought to ask you for
I am at the end, I cannot pretend
That everything's ok this time

(repeat chorus)
I can't walk away from you
I can't deny what you say is true
I can't understand everything you do
Still I can't walk away

(repeat chorus)
When I climb
When I climb
When I climb

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