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Zach Sherwin

"Rap Hands"

[Verse 1]
I grew up on Raffi and the Beatles
“Baby Beluga” and “Taxman”
Then I learned that rap existed
And it threw a match into my gas can
Once I had it in me
It reshaped me like a belly with a LAP band
I was loving rap jams
By rap clans
I was a rap fan

[Verse 2]
Yes I loved the music
But the look of it was part of the attraction
Album covers, videos and photos
I examined them like CAT scans
I was fascinated by the grittiness
The outfits and the pinky rings and hat bands
But even more than that, man
I loved the rap hands
That's right, the rap hands
Rap hands, rap hands, rap hands

[Verse 3]
This is Hurricane
He used to DJ for the Beastie Boys
He scratched wax
In 1995, he dropped an album of his own
I made a mad dash
I bought it, ripped the wrapper off
Did not expect the inner flap to flabbergast
But look at that grasp
Whose hand is that vast?
Little Zach gasped

[Verse 4]
Apparently this image made a big impression on me
Left a fat stamp
Looking at it helps to shed some light upon my past
Like it's a gas lamp
What I'm going to do
Is show you photos of me from that summer at camp
They give me a laugh cramp
'Cause I'm such a wack scamp
The self-awareness-lack champ

[Verse 5]
Okay, here is Hurricane again and here I am
You recognize the rap hand?
Here's another photo
Where I'm posing with an identical rap hand
Here's another one and yet another one
I'm really into rap hands
I'm really into rap hands, rap hands, rap hands
Rap hands, a step back and rap hands

[Verse 6]
(Here we go)
Now I'm an adult and both my sense of self
And my career have advanced
But I appreciate this opportunity
To take a looking-back glance
Cause if you told the younger me
That rap would be my living
I'd say “Fat chance”
But I made and carried out attack plans
And I didn't crash land
I'm still throwing rap hands
I'm still throwing rap hands, rap hands, rap hands
Tap dance, plaid pants, cat stance
Kaplan, Batman, Zach fans
Rap hands

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