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Zach Sherwin

"Grit & Grin"

I'm about to freeze my face in a smile
And spit for a while ventriloquist style
You're about to see what hip-hop flowin'
Looks like when the mouth and the lips stop goin'
And it's true that initially
It just seemed like a fun gimmick visually and superficially
But when I chose a title and I thought about it more
It became a metaphor that I wanted to explore...
Ready? (Two, three, four.)

Grit and grin, grin and grit
Gonna hold it just like this, not gonna quit
Nor change anythin' in the chin region
As I grin and grit, grit and grin
And don't you go thinkin'
I recorded the track earlier and dropped it on in
Check out the throat - this is genuine and legit
Grit and grin, grin and grit

[Verse 1]
I got the skill to talk the ill talk
With the grill stock still, I can still rock
It's a stunt no one has dared to try
Since Kanye did it in "Through The Wire."
And even though it looks fancy-free, in here it's utter insanity
Although you can't see it underneath
You can hear the diligent agility
And get the touch of the tongue on the teeth
That's right
The grin is a screen that conceals what's goin' on outta sight
I try hard to get it to look easy
So as not to decrease the crowd's delight
You don't need to know how the sausage gets ground
Just dig it and enjoy as I kick it and get down
It's a cinch
As far as the audience can tell
That's entertainment in a nutshell

It goes grin and grit, grit and grin. Lotta action goin' on within
On the outside though it's just the show and that's it
Grit and grin, grin and grit. Ready? Two, three, four

[Verse 2]
Check it out y'all and be amazed please
He's making drum sounds with a say-cheese freeze
Droppin' beats while beaming ear to ear
Now here's another grit-and-grin meaning:
If grit is work, and grin joy
It means you gotta both grind AND enjoy
And to push it just a little further
Each one needs some measure of the other
Grit and grin means find some way to rejoice in the struggle
Flip it -
Grin and grit:
When you do stop to smell the roses
Do so with the same gusto you bring to the hustle;
In other words grin grittily, and when you grit, grit grinningly....
To VENT these thoughts while saying something REAL
And making party people go OH! That's the QUEST
Vent, real, oh, quest

Grin and grit, grit and grin
The yang and the yin
Light on the side that's shadowed
Shadow on the side that's lit
Grit and grin, grin and grit
Dude's killin' it, keen as a guillotine
This right here is Joshua Silverstein...
And I'm Zach Sherwin for the win
Grit, and, grin

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