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""Twist My Fingaz" #LiftOff Freestyle"

LA Leakers
Liftoff, liftoff, liftoof
Justin Credible, Eric DLux
Do your walk AD, do your walk
Do your walk AD, do your walk

Look, look
LA Leakers with it, this the lift off
Lot of rappers in the game they got me p*ssed off
They feelin' froggy, tell 'em jump it's like they Kriss Kross
Straight outta compton, no movie script
I'm from the block where them youngins grab them uzi clips
I got the juice and the sauce, that's why I'm too legit
[?] need a crucifix
Gotta thank God, where I'm headed
In the cue b*tch it's me and J-Credib
On the mic I am Jason, my mind is Freddy
Makin' these rappers Drip Drop and I ain't Hakeem
And this is like doctor Luther, AD got a dream
On my Empire, play wrong with my Cookies I get violent
Rappers so Lucious they be lyin'
Wait a minute look!

C-P-T it's the lift off
LA Leakers
Just Eric
7 to midnight, the liffoff
Power 106

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