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"The Truth Is Lies"

[Verse One: Jack Cracker]
Madison's indigenous turn magna into igneous
Writer fluid and lighter fluid, spark up like the branch of [?]
Twisted as Oliver
High enough to be seen by amateur backyard astronomers
Passing through Andromeda
Check your monitors
Guess too fast to be late
The Crest not just another empty tube of toothpaste
Packaging tape
Pull quick off a hairy chest at your very best
You're still too late to put out the flame finesse
A little weed is all I need calling me
And I'm off the hook, like a fish too small to keep
Across the books
Once open I'm hard to shut
It's all in the bluff so if you win, roll up your cuffs
The seemingly seemless
Dreamless, narcoleptic
Need his call connected, even when all's dissected
It operates as one if I could paint the sun
And water colors life would imitate the smoke from this Naked Gun
In place I run, giving chase to none
At my back (well why's that?)
Cause I let off like leaving the back with a dye pack
Batting down the hatches
I splash when I practice
So here's looking at ya's
When I'm lit like a book of matches
Who's molded from the Clay of Cassius?
Filtered through the ashes
Flow can't coagulate from the self induced thrashes
Metaphors form the glasses
Beyond these walls
Tiger's hide in patches of tall grasses and wait for you to fall

[Verse Two: AD]
Ayo I struggle in life, I'm juggling knifes
If I fumble I slice my sight's heights till my humbling rights
I'm a hidden tiger lurking for the crouching dragon
I'm out to tag him, he's a [?] his mouth is bragging
I jump from tree to tree a blunt's a "B" to me
If I want it evenly, I'll stunt a cheetah's z's
So call "Geronimo!" And you fall like dominoes
I'm appalled and on my toes cause of laws and how I chose
So I say what I wanna while obeying my mama
I never play to her dishonor cause she gave me a lot of
[?] somber
I hold a comma to bomb ya your whole genre in my armor
I do believe ah, strong influence is your teacher
So I need to keep up on education in my leisure
I wear my sunglasses, I'm aware I don't run fast
I munch acid with dumb asses until the fun passes
I'm a lost kid, in the snow frostbit
I never know what the cost is
I just throw my last bit
I'm looking over my shoulder
I'm hoping to hold ah
Eye contact of that girl while I'm still sober
I never know the last thing
I knew before the first one
My ass sings and birds come
The [?] that's not burnt, look what the herbs done
Spark it up and pass it back
The bark is rough but has a chance to call your bluff
At first glance there's lots of us
I think we can if we put our minds to it
Lines get proven near your boys when you get high to 'em
I got my boots untied
I think the truth is lies
So I juice my life to come through my rhyme
And I'm out

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