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Ben Howard


Behold the man
Serpents tongue
A man knows all that's said and done
Listing ship, beneath the storm
The bulls cracked whip
The pain to come

Behold the shame
Heavy worn
Numb the hurt
Cast the stones
Hide your heart man
Carry on
In the shadow a man belongs

We're all doing what we oughta'
We all got our mouth to feed
Ain't no sense to make of it all son
Fight your corner
Learn to bleed

Well I don't want to die alone
No love to lay me down
Can't we build a pyre for all this
Fallen idols of kings and clowns

We all see what we want to
Ever takin' all we need
No one's digging gold in the doldrums
Where the sparks hide scared unseen

A veil of trust stole our attention
From the truth cloaked in disgrace
Simple heart broke under pressure
I miss his silent elegance

Behold the man the hell to pay
The teeth that tore forbidden taste
Stand for nothin'
Fall for somethin'
Desires and dreams all yours to waste

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