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T. Rex



[Verse 1: T-Rex]

You gotta feel me

Hey look I've always had friends in high places
Therefore I met women, with expensive tastes
So you could say the ground was set for them to come up
And when I went out with these hoes, their hair was done up

And Everything was big, bottles and buckets
Told her n*ggas rarely shot but best believe they did tuck it
Gotta stay strapped, like Lil Wayne
Don't wanna get hit with that Tec, its T-Pain

But baby don't worry because you only live once
She told me have my back and don't mistake me for a dunce
You gotta stay tough living in this cold world
Just follow my path and we gonna make it through girl

[Hook: T-Rex]

Just tell me what you need and I got it
Do you believe or do you doubt it
I'm trying to make it personal
Can we make it personal?

You wanna smoke this weed then I'll cop it
You want me just for profit
I'm trying to make it personal
Can we make it personal?

[Verse 2: T-Rex]

I meet the type to never text unless you call first
And she won't take you out unless you offer
To pay for it all. She likes to hit the mall
A little superficial, only likes her men tall

Well baby I'm the man and I can do it all if you like
I got the stamina to go all through the night
n*ggas say that they fresh but don't fall to the hype
Because nine times out of ten, they jump off before they ripe

Shout out to lil mama I had to do it for ya
Shout out to Mike Green, yea that'd my older brother
Inspiration laid out on the track
All bad b*tches can holla back


[Verse 3: T-Rex]

Her mindset is so immense
Yeah she a dime but it don't even make since
Try to cut and you gon' put up a fence
You gotta invest for more than a day

Because she's the type of chick that you meet from around the way
And I'm the type of dude that can back what he say
Then pack it away. Then bring it out, attack and I spray
So I'm gonna take the road less traveled
Learn about a stallion before you hop upon the saddle
Ya dig?

Preaching to the choir they ain't learn my song yet
Got these n*ggas high, they ain't hit the bong yet
A n*gga straight chillin' and I'm sippin Cognac
I'll put you on that


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