Tony Montana
I’m a Gangsta (1999)
Yo yo yo (yeah man), this how we do it out here
You know I mean, ain't nothing but straight hustle
You know I mean, yeah

If you didn't know that, I'm a gangsta
Making that money, if you stiff me I'ma gank ya
Better off, b*t*h n***a I'ma bank ya
Yes n***a, I'd like to thank ya
If you didn't know b*t*h, I'm a gangsta
Making that money, if you stiff me I'ma gank ya
Hit you so swift, and I'ma bank ya

I'm just a gangsta, I f**k with gangstas
What's up to my n***as, that don't f**k around with prankstas
I ain't no ordinary, my commesary stay fat
Put em on they back, like this and like that
Clack-clack, n***as'll get your strap
Get capped, we putting n***as on they back
Now day's, you know my f**king rhyme pays
They fiend for this sh*t, that's how they seen us how they grave
I'm a slave, until my f**king wicked ways
That's how I do it now-a-day's, to get paid
I drink my O.E., my homie told me
That you a b*t*h a** n***a, sucker and fony
Tell me what you need, that's what I really got
Your homie last week, them n***as got shot
Stone and bombed out, I'm headed down South
Holla at my n***a Z-Ro, what we all about


[Tony Montana]
My whole damn life, been nothing but gangsta activity
Straight out the womb, the doctor said no possibility
For me to be a fortunate member, of the society
Been robbery robbery, intimidation and anxiety
Holler if you feel me, I'm a gangsta to the bone
Leave bullets when I'm p*ssed, you don't wanna cross me homes
Indeco umbravo, estaso wando en fuego
Tony Montana a chicano, cubano who want some paper
Leave you stretched on the streets, 2-86 degrees
If gangsta living ducking prison, when you f**king with G's
Never stopping the grind, for life I stay hustling
The real Montana, Z-Ro and Daz straight busting
[Law Fleze]
Sleezy talking bout what gangsta is, you a gangsta b*t*h
I doubt it, but you green like a Heineken bottle
Plus you see through, I can see right behind you
You got broad in you, so walk like a model
You say you got gats, bet mine is bigger
Got more rockets in my house, than the Compact Center
Z-Ro knock n***as out, Daz he jack n***as
But Law Fleze, I'm just gangsta n***a


All y'all n***as, better recognize
Or somebody gon be a victim, of my tech tonight
I love nothing, you think I'm bluffing you can come and try me
I'm a gangsta, and I been thugging way since the early 90's
Boss packers, get dealt with
I been busting my b*t*h so much, she almost melted
Had to switch up and get a chopper, cause I might get murdered if my heat jam
But I ready to die with a AK, you don't wanna f**k with me man
My aim, is straighter than a perm
Them big ol' bullets, make motherf**kers wiggle like worms
Z-Ro the Crooked is not a hoe, but some n***as think I'm lying
Trying to stop me stacking, but hater you can't hold me down
I'm unstoppable, but Presidential Records trying to stop me
I'm a living breathing pistol, and road blocks will only c*ck me
When I bust, ashes to ashes and dust to dust
Better get a weapon, cause it's murder when they f**king with us
[Hook - 2x]