Killa Kyleon
Bodies Hit the Floor
[Intro: Killa Kyleon]
Hey, run it
Killa, I am it
187 when I write this sh*t
DOA, get a black bag and a toe-tag
‘Cause I’m finna good night this sh*t
Ignite this sh*t, set it on fire
My car like the bar, I’ma set it up high
Wet it up, why? ‘Cause I like that candy
Haters do, too, so I keep clips handy
Send them to the ER, then to the morgue
Put them in a box, then put them in a car
Carry about six, you can put them in the dirt
RIP, you can put them on a shirt
.223s, send them through your body
Send them to the wake, they can view your body
Dressed in all white, hey, you looking Yo Gotti
I’m a real n***a, n***a you know about it

[Hook: Killa Kyleon]
Let the bodies hit the floor
I kill this sh*t like Drowning Pool
My paint so wet sitting in that slab
I make this drowning look so cool
Keep that K for the haters that hate
‘Cause the haters that hate wanna see me fall
Never liked walking, so I quit walking
Got in that slab, you can see me crawl


[Verse 1: Killa Kyleon]
Hey, just like an infant, sitting on inches
Mario and Luigi, I keep me a princess
King of the slab, y’all n***as just princes
Getting to the money like a n***a be printing it
M-o-e 'til a n***a need mo’
Rolling up kush, so I’m finna meet Dro
Keep lean on me, so I’m finna meet Joe
Headed to the bank, so I’m finna meet dough
Can’t be po’, so I gotta get paid
Need a brown bag just to hold my sh*t
Add a little mo’ to the dough I just made?
Need a rubber band just to fold my sh*t
That’s why ya ho wanna hold my d**k
No nuts to the four when I pull my sh*t
M-O-M, y’all know my sh*t
Money on my mind, yeah, right, no sh*t, b*t*h!

[Verse 2: Bun B]
Well, it’s the Trill O.G., er’body know me in the hood as well as the burbs
Big-body slab fish-tailing the curb, so fresh, so clean, I’m smelling superb
And yelling the words (What’s that?) UGK for life, RIP P-i-m-p (M-p)
Disrespect that, boy, and I’ll f**k you up, just to put it plain and simply (Simply)
When you see me coming around the corner, sitting in a foreign that you never heard of
Leather seats so fresh that the cow just died and PETA want me for murder (Say WHAT?)
And the wood inside that b*t*h brand new ’cause we just killed a tree (A tree)
So you already know that the motherf**king EPA ain’t feeling me (Me)
But I’m in the building, G, matter of fact, I’m on the lease (The lease)
And it’s already understood when I step the f**k out on them streets (Them streets)
Tough guys start tucking they tail, and all that talking cease (Cease)
‘Cause they know them gladiators coming, so all they want is peace (Peace)
You don’t want it with B the n***a, so stop pretending
‘Cause B done robbed from the start of it ’til the f**king ending
I pull a pistol and pop it and leave ya stanking
On the ground, face down, stiff, n***a, like you planking


[Outro: Killa Kyleon]
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Big D**k Cheney, RIP to the Trill OG P-i-m-p C
Trill n***as don’t die, we get fly, get mo’ money
You get no money, you know what the f**k this is
Run it!