Killa Kyleon
James Harden
[Intro: Chuck Inglish]
Yo what up, it's Chuck Inglish, you are now in the mix
ILLROOTS Radio Three.5. live with OG Chase B

[Hook x2]
Riding through the city man I'm H-Town mobbin'
Coming down on them thangs' swangin' bows James Harden
Riding through the city man I'm H-Town mobbin'
Coming down on them swangin'-swangin' bows James Harden

[Verse 1: Vic Mensa]
(Lean, lean, lean, lean)
Run for the money girl you cut too close so cold
And the D' pulled up in a 4'
My co-worker told me got a 50 for the O'
Old boy had to take the Tennessee for the low
Yeah, yeah wait, wait b*t*h don't tell me
Your first name Jamie, your best friend Tammy
Had them a** up in the hall like Tammity
How many hoes can I blow, Yosemite
Boom boom b*t*h get the f**k out my way
You can hear the trunk before I pull up all day, feels great
I can't be the n***a in the kk
Money from the rip save money til' the grave
Tell the n***a that seeks some moon beast
Put a tiger in a cage
By the swimming pool, shawty she said she wanna' hit a rave
Pop a molly, bout' to have an out-of-body experience
N***a serious told her to meet me in the lobby
We in the hotel bathroom smoking OG kush she got me open
Hope I make it back to Houston whip this hooptie rusted-broken
Me being broke, that's a broken promise
Made a promise to myself gotta' keep it honest
Coming out of Dreams, n***a f**k a King of Diamonds
We in H-Town sippin', police behind us
[Hook x2]

[Verse 2: Killa Kyleon]
White cup full of screw juice, po'd up
I'm on a fresh set of 4's when I roll up
Candy paint, drop top, let it fold up
Hit the block on the box, yellin' "Hold up!"
Money on my [?] fitted
Fresh [?] go get it
Diamonds in my mouth, jelly got me so chilly
Gettin' TLC, pop bands like willies
No bike life, tryna counter Meek Milly
H-Town n***a but I'm flyin' to the Philly
Racks in my Trues, Ben Franks is my billies
Country a** n***a but my name not Willy
Cup stay [?] cause I popped the seal
Paint so wet like I copped a seal
Ridin' on gla** box, watch the wheels
Time, money, so a n***a can't stop to chill
Cause I can't, headed to the bank
Supremes on my pedal, 93 in my tank
Sip 'till I faint, ball like a Saint
Broke N-O, real n***a, my reign
Waka Flocka Flames' all a young n***a spit
IPhone notes got a young n***a rich
Talk that pimp but knock a dumb n***a's b*t*h
Throwin' up money, got them dumb n***as sick
[Hook x2]